Enthusiasm in Spirituality, Work, Life…

I find the one and foremost thing that makes me follow through, overcome obstacles in life and even enjoying the process while being in it, is enthusiasm. It is this sweet sparkling excitement bubbling up from within.  When this comes up the inner child is in for a play and maybe even a few magic tricks.


It seems crucial to me, especially in daily life, work, relationships and on the spiritual path. Without enthusiasm the world looses it´s appeal and even leisure starts to turn rotten and dry. Thus the momentom to reach out for anything gets lost, passivity and heaviness are likely to follow. I guess most of us share this experience. Therefore it is important to have good, healthy sources of inspiration.

So here I am offering a few sources that really get me excited for these little extra pushes and follow througs:


  • go for a run – really clears the head from dust and gets me into motion already
  • watch inspiring movie scenes from movies like 300, braveheart, last samurai, the 13th warrior, rocky, blood sport and so many more
  • listen and read the inspiring words of people who went for their purpose like Sadhguru, Mooji, H. H.. Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins, Alexander Huber, David Deida and many more
  • do Meditation and Yoga – it focuses the mind so powerfully that afterwards I can easily keep my attention on one thing only
  • meet best friends, people who love you and whom you love to share about one´s purpose, mission, life
  • go on retreat for a longer time at least once a year to keep my spirit high in the sky
  • dream big, ordinary never got me excited
  • remembering my own purpose and ideals
  • love making – honestly that´s a big one as well 🙂 I don´t think there is anyone out there who can deny the enthusiasm it may intstill within one – after that even studying for hours can fly by – therefore a good choice for a study interrupt


Let me know what gets you out of bed early and do what you love even when obstacles show up.

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