The Spirit Guide – Intuition calling for destiny

Spirit Guides:


In native societies, more precisely those with shamanic backgrounds, like native Americans or Tibetans existed the belief of Spirit guides. It states that every human being has at least one spiritual being assigned to him or her. Such a guide ensures his protege to get the information he needs and meet the people he needs to meet in order to fulfill his destiny. They don´t suggest notes as thoughts or a clear voice in one´s head but through intuition. If a person however is very closed or impure he might not be able to access his intuition and thereby miss out the precious messages of his spirit guide.

A spirit guide is a being far more evolved than a human and can therefore access a lot of information obscure to us. Once we accept their existence and make a conscious effort to connect with them, they will guide us safely and efficently through the maze of life to our treasure.

Our primary spirit guide has been with us for many lifetimes. He knows exactly which experiences we need most in any given life. The more we invite our spirit guide and ask him for help, the more he will guide us.

Meditation – Finding your spirit guide:

Sit down for meditation, spine erect, body relaxed. Close your eyes and dedicate your meditation to your spirit guide, inviting him into your life. Then start visualizing yourself on an open meadow, walking through grass. Feel the grass between your toes and under the soles of your feet.

In order to make the visualization more powerful, make it as real as possible. See and feel it.

In the center of the meadow resides a giant tree, offering shadow and shelter. You walk towards it and after reaching it, you sit down under it´s leaves roof, leaning against the trunk. Closing your eyes you feel the energy of that tree and go into meditation. All of a sudden your spirit guide appears next to you offering you assistance in meditation and telling you about the path you are supposed to walk on in order to fully expand. Listen from your heart with attention. The messages given to you are priceless and might change your life. So whenever you can, try to access your intuition and have the courage to follow it.

Day 3 of breathwork

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