What is the purpose of your life?

Confucius said whether you believe you can, or you can´t, you´re usually right.


You can achieve anything you want in your life, you just have to believe it. Otherwise you´re gonna find yourself living a mediocre life or even worse somebody else´s life. Studies done in hospitals with elderly people showed that when asked to reflect upon their lives, they most regretted the things they hadn´t done, not the ones they had. I personally believe there is nothing worse than playing small and not living up to your own expectations. Many of us however don´t allow themselves to shine due to fear or because they feel pressured to fulfill other´s expectations. However every human being has been born with a unique gift and it is our responsibility to find out what that is and to act upon it. Otherwise you will one day catch yourself not living the life you wanted to live and that will be ultimately painful. Don´t create your life around safety or money. What safety is there anyways? Even if you work your bud off in a so called safe job and, you might die any moment. So better live a life that you are passioned about. By that you will serve the world best. Tune into your intuition, allow yourself to be guided by your heart in order to do what you feel you really wanna do, instead of what you think you should do. Connect closely to your feelings and see if you are acting from a place of fear, or from love. If you act out of fear you will sooner or later experience regret. If you however act from intuition you will end up living your dream. Therefore find out what you wanna bring into this world, focus on it and then go after it as if your life depended on it, cause it does.

If you could do anything in the world, what would give you most joy? What fires you up?

Remember you are ultimately free to do what you want to do at any given moment. You can always change your life. There is no too late. Try to do everything you can to find out what your destiny is.

As an exercise to get more clarity about your life´s purpose you may ask yourself the following questions:

(In this example I share my answers to those question; read them and then find your own answers)

I. What are at least 10 things you want to be most involved with in your life?

1. working with dying people or children/ who suffer from cancer in the ultimate state

2. living in a spiritual community

3. healing and consoling others through the tools my teachers gave to me (meditation, yoga, breathwork….)

4. teaching yoga, tantra, rebirthing

5. creating a loving family, having at least two kids and taking them around the world

6. acting in theater, writing, making music – drums/guitar

7. empowering other men through men circles, study groups

8. living with a spiritual teacher

9. learning shamanism in America and the healing power of plants

10. creating a loving, soul bonding relationship

11. practicing conscious love making and the tools of tantra in order to increase love

12. serving others through those things that inspire me most

13. living in close connection with nature

14. studying and speaking many languages

II. How can you make money of these things? Name at least 5 ways:

1. working in a hospice for children/palliative care

2. teaching yoga

3. sharing with men the precious tools of tantra and encouraging them through my own example to live their truth, creating initiation rituals

4. giving workshops on tantra, yoga, meditation…

5. Sharing the power of Cacao through ceremonies

6. doing healing work on others

7. Writing and publishing books/e-books

8. playing drums with a band/bhajan group

9. teaching breathwork, once I have done the training

10. assisting a spiritual master in spreading his knowledge

11. writing and filming travel experiences to share them with the world

III. Why are you not doing it already?

1. having to move and give up the place I am living at – out of comfort and amazing friends

2. needing to find a new Yoga place where I can also teach workshops such as Tantra

3. need to write a plan of my workshops and cacao ceremony as well as advertise it

4. fear of failing and not satisfying people

5. investment into a training with Leonard Orr is needed

6. investment into traveling to South America and studies with shamans has to be made

7. I need to encounter a job that allows me to travel 4 to 6 months a year

8. I still have to find jobs in Berlin where I can work as a nurse in palliative care or child hospice

9. Having big time restriction (now while finishing studies)

10. Money needed for training, camera, travel and editing material – to finally empower others

11. I have to find a good shaman and spiritual teacher first of all

12. A false believe system about myself and wealth, that keeps me from stepping into my power

IV. How would your product look like? How would you name it?

Arya dream shaper – empowering others by living purpose to do the same

The offer: tantra workshops, cacao ceremonies, men circles, rebirthing sessions, yoga (ashtanga and hatha), healing Sessions, personal and spiritual empowerment, counseling

V. How much do you charge for your work and when is your deadline for getting started?

hospice work: between 2300 – 3000 € per months (deadline: 01.10 to 01.11.17)

Yoga teaching: 30 – 50 €per class (deadline: 01.10 to 01.11.17)

Healing people after rebirthing training: 70 € to 100 € per session (deadline: 01.06.18)

Cacao Ceremonies, 70€ to 100€ per session (total) (deadline: 01.09.17)

Counseling; 50€ per hour (deadline: 01.06.18)

Workshops: 100€ per day (total) (deadline: 01.08. to 01.09.17)

Men empowerment circles: 10 € per person for a men´s circle (deadline: 01.06.18)

VI. Why are you the best for this job?

1. Hospice work: I love working with dying people, to accompany and support them as well as bringing some lightness and relieve of fear onto their way, using the tools of meditation and yoga is a great means of comfort when passing on

2.Yoga teaching: workshops, cacao ceremonies: I am super passionate and enthusiastic about those things, this is highly contagious, besides I love what I am transferring and teaching, with that I have lots of knowledge and experience to offer, as I started my practice about six years ago

3. Counseling: I love to share the things I learned from my teachers and pass them on, I believe that a one to one teaching is of incredible value, I can transfer complicated knowledge in a joyous, easy way, referring to the lessons from my own experience as well, connecting with another seeker gives me huge joy and enthusiasm, I don´t believe I am teaching something but rather helping the other to find his own wisdom

4. Male empowering/men circles: I enjoy the company of strong men who go for their purpose and don´t give in to their fears a lot, it is such a great thing to share with them revelations and teachings and thereby learning with and from each other, I can hold the space and atmosphere very welcoming and at the same time inspiring

5. Healing: For me working in the fields of medicine is a great joy, I am very intuitive when it comes to healing people and I can channel energy easily. I learned to heal my own wounds and now I am ready to share that, ever since I can think my connection to the shamanic tradition and mysticism has been very strong and I enthusiastically use their techniques for healing

VII. Within a year from now where do you see yourself? Who and where are you going to be? In which shape will your body be, income etc..

– I am having a deep spiritual love relationship that flowers in love

– I am experiencing material wealth being drawn into my life

– I am working with passion in a hospice in Berlin

– I am giving beautiful workshops and facilitating cacao ceremonies to serve others

– I am free from impurities and shortcomings

– I am free from disempowering believes

– I went through a 40 day liquid fast

– I am creating a spiritual community

– I am holding space for men circles, sharing with strong men on a weekly basis

– I am healing people and supporting their flowering into fullness

– I am giving rebirthing sessions

– I am full of love, joy and enthusiasm as I am living my dream

– At least four months of the year I am traveling the world to increase my knowledge, studying with masters and shamans

– I am getting to know myself further and further

VIII. Finally the Game plan: Which steps do you need to take to make your dream real?

– make professional photos for my website

– apply for jobs in hospice or palliative care in Berlin

– get the money seminar of Leonard Orr

– do the rebirthing training in the USA

– continue breathwork

– use my new affirmations frequently

– make sadhana Tapas and refrain from playing small, fast

– create a workshop plan

– start with the cacao ceremony for friends

– manifest wealth: the money seminar, work with affirmations, TTC rebirthing

– build my blog, connecting further with other seekers

Now it is time to take massive action and ask the universe with clarity and all your heart to assist you drawing all those things into your life. It is your birth right, you deserve it!

One thought on “What is the purpose of your life?

  1. Very beautiful post Yogic practice creates invisible fortification of positive aura which blocks the infiltration of negative vibration circulating in outer universal dimension. Yoga nad meditation help us to live spiritual life


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