A Life of Abundance

pexels-photo-205961.jpegTo bring abundance into your life you need to believe that it will happen to you. Your thoughts create your reality. Buddha knew that, quoted to have said: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” If you think something over and over again it will eventually happen. This is why affirmations have such an immense power. Unfortunately most of peolpe constantly think of the things they don´t want and thereby attract over and over again the same unwanted situations. A question such as “Why me again,” seems quite ridiculous in that aspect, as a question answering itself.

Holding onto our core believes coming from childhood conditioning and social subconsciousness reduce our capacity to manifest what we want. Consequently life stays as we know it.

Now good news is, that you can easily change your reality by finding out about your core believes, turning them around and using new positive affirmations and thinking habits.

If you use those long enough you will create a whole new way of using the mind, as your brain adjusts using its neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity means that the brain generates new neurological structures when it experiences repeated thought patterns. The same process takes place when you learn to play an instrument or driving a car. First it is really hard and takes a lot of effort but after a while it gets your second nature. At that point you don´t even have to think about changing gears any longer or how to press down the strings of your guitar. It is the same with applying positive thinking and affirmations. First it takes some effort to remember applying certain affirmations, but after a while you´ll naturally have them coming up in your mind. Simply have them repeated internally for a while and give them greater power by feeling good and enthusiastic about them. Endorphines are a fertilizer for Neurons as they cause Neurogenesis. Happiness comes first and then anything else that is important to you will follow. Therefore take time for yourself, relax, meditate, be creative, simply give yourself the gift of time for doing what you love.

In order to bring anything into your world:

1. Ask for what you want. Get really clear about it, sit down, write it down on paper and write down all the things you want. Writing it down is such a powerful tool, as it makes it more real and adds some energy to the process. Now ask for it, Speak it out loudly. If you are having a believe, you might even want to call upon God, Allah, a spirit guide or simply the universe.

Or in other words:

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth – Jesus

2. Life will work out a way to give you what you need. It is endlessly creative and intelligent. So if you are willing to ask with a clear voice for what you want, it will somehow manifest. You don´t need to know how you will achieve it. Simply know what it is and ask, but be precise. So if you for example want that partner, describe him or her exactly. If it is money, write down the exact amount you want.

3. Get yourself in alignment with what you are asking for. Feel as if what you are asking for had already happened. Therefore visualize it as vividly as possible and dwell upon the end result. The feeling actually creates the result. If you for example want that job, feel that you have it already, see yourself working at that place. Do anything you need to feel how it would be, if you had it. You might even create a vision board where you pin pictures that represent what you want.

4. Focus on what you already have right now and feel grateful about it. This way you shift your energy to the positive and we all know when we are in a positive mood, in our flow we more easily bring about what we want.

5. Now let go and allow the universe to bring it about.

Don´t delay the process. Go after it, when intuition calls you.

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