Adventure – the spirit of the child

When we are in a spirit of adventure we are moving like a child. Full of enthusiasm, unconcerned, trusting in life, simply moving step by step with wonder into the unknown. Everything is new and alive.


Adventure is irrational, having nothing to do with planning, programs, organization. This childlike pervade any aspect of our lives at home, at the office, in wilderness, a creative project as well as relationships. Any time you move into the new with the trusting spirit of a child, open, vulnerable, amazed. Anything suddenly seems like a great adventure.

There is really only one way of showing you what I mean, enjoy:

Life is hazardous, there is no security, no guaranty. Maybe you fall dead tomorrow. Who knows?

There will be danger indeed, fear, sacrifice and no map to follow. Is that not a great relief as well? See you are ultimately free to move, to get lost, astray and by doing that to grow up. Facing fears and dangers in the dark maze of life´s jungle brings about giant growth and expansion. Indeed insecurity is the way to grow. Leaving the known, accepting the threats of the unknown and its challenges makes you grow beyond yourself.

This aspect of life gets me excited a lot. With 19 I had the first intense taste of adventure and trust, hitchhiking through Argentina from national park to national park. When I decided to move into this adventure, inspired by the likes of Christopher Mckandless (from into the wild) and Heinrich Harrer, I experienced a great sense of fear. I didn´t know if people would oick me up, where I would sleep at night, if I would find food every day and so on and so forth. Letting go from my concerns life took care of me beautifully. I met people who invited me to sleep over, fed me, brought me to my next destination or simply were a great company on my travel. Any peril and challenge smoothly dissolved. A great trust, space and happiness unfolded within me. Ever since again and again the child within me is in for another game, especially when it finds companions to play with. Luckily enough life connected me with amazing friends who carry exactly this quality.

Thus having music and life´s flow on your side, don´t be concerned if your seeds land on soil or on rocks. You are a sheer celebration. Flowers fall upon you as a sign of your own flowering. Your bliss, ecstasy should open like a flower and spread its fragrance to all, not only friends but strangers too. This real compassion, real love, sharing your enlightenment, your dance of the beyond.


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