Death is the only certainty of life

“When do I have to die? Why do we have to die and what comes next?”

We don´t know until shit hits the fan and then we won´t be able to tell anybody.


Most of us only really start appreciating life when suddenly death approaches, believing there is still so much time left. In fact most of us live as if there will be an endless chain of tomorrows, but there won´t. Death is the only certainty in life.  Still we keep postponing and thereby falling short.

Is it not alarming that most people face death as unprepared as they did life. We have the chance to appreciate any moment and find sense in what we are doing. Every instant is an opportunity for expansion into love, for developping a peaceful mind, an open heart and to preparing for eternity. When you die, you better have lived a meaningful life to your conditions or else you will whine and helplessly cling to your last breath, still unable to hold on. As in the end we all have to let go of everything, wanting or not wanting.

Therefore we should  learn to let go already during life. To do that, we have to face the stranger within ourselves in silence. We need to stop keeping ourselves busy with trivialities, filling up every little moment like an addict until no time remains to take care about important issues. Looking deep enough you´ll realize that nothing endures for ever – not even the tiniest hair on your back. That´s  neither cruel nor good, but simply the quality of life.

Surrounding ourselves with goods we can try to choke the fear of change, the fear of death, trying to live as safe and ordinarily as possible. We may then watch the days pass by, being consumed by time. Still in our loneliest and darkest hours questions will appear and penetrate our dreams: “What am I doing? Am I waisting my life, being phony?” More and more frequently we will be waking up from nightmares sweating, with an intensely pulsing heart. Luckily these fears only stay until breakfast. Then we leave another day for work and life continues as usual. In the long run however nothing will comfort you.

“My religion is to live and die without regret”

We should use time every now and then to ask: “What if death would come now?             Would I be ready or would I regret the life I am living?”

Death comes to all of us and often with no warning. A life built on the wrong notion of eternity is not going to satisfy. Maybe only those who are conscious of life´s fragility can appreciate it fully. Simplicity is the key to a content and happy lifestyle. To do what is needed and suiting. I believe there are things essential to everyone´s life, that everyone has been sent to learn and acquire, like increasing love, treating each other with affection, to realize that the most important essence is relating to other human beings with compassion. Clinging onto people or things, not accepting the ever changing flow of life only brings about suffering and fear. It is lying to ourselves and then change is equal to pain. Funny enough change is the only stable garanty and if we trust it it may console and comfort us. Therefore my religion is to live and die without regret.

When I was 14 I saw my stepfather being consumed by liver cancer. He was only 42 years old and I am sure he didn´t plan to die. He was one of the person with the healthiest lifestyles I knew. He didn´t smoke, only drank a glass of wine every now and then and was a brilliant intellectual as well as an ambitious sportsman and doctor. Still he couldn´t do anything when death came about. In a few months only, his body decayed in front of my eyes. He suffered intense pain and lost most of his cerebral capacity. Still who am I to judge. Life has a plan, even if I can´t make up my little mind to understand it. Even life threatening diseases can be a blessing, if we understand that they very often try to show us, that we didn´t take enough care for our inner and spiritual needs.

Ever since I developped a great love for life. Indeed I love living and I am not willing to live life on other terms than my very own. For me personally life is about contribution. Therefore I ask myself frequently, what I can do to increase the quality of life for others. That is my passion. It gives me not only pleassure, but also peace of mind, self-knowledge and deep relaxation.

Instead of struggling for more this and that, look inside for your own passion, inquire how your talents can be used to improve the world´s state. Then life will take care of you and happiness as well as a sense of wealth will come about by themselves.


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