The student asked the Zen Master:                                                                                                         What shall I do when I am old And still not enlightened?”                                                          The Zen Master replied:Jump for joy”


There are times when I seem to fail in all areas of my life, relationship, work, love you name it.

We all face such periods. It seems like an endless storm.

Honestly the worst state appears when I catch myself not living up to my own high standards, falling short, having lost my personal edge. (Doesn´t matter how high those standards are, they are still mine I think)

It really sucks, cause it is not comfortable.

“There is the story of a lion who grew up with sheep”

However those uncomfortable moments are potent, pregnant with potential.

They are times when I reflect myself more than usual, when I am able to get up and turn around, when I ask new questions and work for myself.

Now I feel my depth, I am connected with all the pain stuck inside and can allow it to surge up and leave, looking, feeling. In this limbo, this emptiness of mind, as my mind is unable to take it, intuitive truth is revealed.

There is the story of a lion who grew up with sheep, believing to be a sheep himself, until an old lion brought him to a lake to show him his own reflection. Sometimes I find myself in that condition, believing some sort of image that has been imposed unto me. Unconscious of my inner being I am forgetful believing to be this sheep personality until I hit rock bottom. That instant the inner negative conversation has to stop. It comes to an end, I shut it up. Actually I shut up!

Suddenly a new reflection is there.

It is unleashed, wild, it has forgotten about others opinions and most of all about my own assumptions.

Now let´s dance, run, be joyous, do gibberish – whatever is necessary to wake up the sleeping lion.

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