At times the deeply routed wounds of the past surface. When they do I don´t always feel ready. I might want to hide from myself as I can´t accept my own perfection. Nevertheless I am available in that moment to be healed and need only stay open, vulnerable and sensitive. Thus the loving presence of life can bring about relaxation and peace, dissolving struggle and suffering. Keeping such an open attitude anyone can be healed and help others to also become whole and healthy. In fact is there anything more gratifying than sharing those insights you gained with other.

Look in the mirror, be brave and face your own inner truth. The truth is that you are perfect already. Stop believing anything else, keeping yourself small. That won´t serve anyone, but walking by example as an authentic being you encourage others to do the same.

Yes indeed it takes courage to emerge into the light, as you face your deepest core, naked. It won´t always be pleasent either. Like a seed that sheds off its cask, it is dangerous to grow and leave the shelter of known commodity. Avoiding or denying these dangers won´t do. Only by looking at our own “shit” we become the possibility we are born to be. Moving out of the comfort zone, by looking at it, it can go. Growth happens.

It is a pilgrimage to the most intimate part of yourself, that you may best undertake unconcerned without any concept of a goal. Just walking step by step, the aim will reveal itself in due time. It is an adventure of acceptance, of embracing what is. This attitude invites the right people and events at the right time. This magic of life spreads through my own life more and more as I grow older.

As I reflect about my past, I realize that my deepest wounds have become my biggest strengths. It is only now that I am able to say no to people and events that are abusive and pain inflicting. I simply allow them to go without regret or grudge. In speaking up, I am not arrogant or egocentric but aware that my own integrity and wholeness is the greatest gift I have. Losing it would hurt all areas of my life and others too.

No one is allowed to harm your being. You are ever perfect beloved friend.

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