Rebirthing USA

Last Wednesday I embarked on my journey to the International Rebirthing Center in Staunton, Virginia.


To those who are not familiar with what rebirthing is, here a short introduction:

Rebirthing-Breathwork is one of the most valuable self-healing techniques humans can learn. Breathing is a basic healing instrument and the most natural one as well, given to us from birth. However during our lives we took on harmful breathing patterns. Everyone in our modern world is familiar to stress and we all react to it either by holding our breath in or breathing shallow and fast. Rebirthing by contrast merges inhale with exhale in a continuous flow, increasing the oxigen level within our bloodstream. Many physical ailments can be healed through repeated rebirthing sessions. And Rebirthing not only heals the body, but the mind as well. It opens up our subconscious and allows us to weed out old childhood programming and conditioning, that does not serve as any longer. Psychology proved that most bad habits and behavioral patterns are rooted in our childhood. Unfortunately and as they are residing in the realm of the subconscious it is not possible to consciously get rid of them. To reprogram ourselves the subconscious needs to be reached. Rebirthing has that power. It can heal our traumas and program the mind for prosperity, contentment, health, success and peace of mind. In the end the mind, our most frequent thought and emotional patterns create the world we live in. Letting the breath Energy move in our own body and mind has magical, mystical, and miraculous effects.

Inspired from previous experiences with breathwork, which had been ground shaking I wanted to learn it from the founder. My flight left in at noon from Berlin Schönefeld with a short stopover in Iceland. After approximately eleven hours the aircraft landed in Baltimore, USA. The check in went quick and I had five hours left to catch a greyhound bus to Charlottesville. Asking around I quickly figured out a way to the station. The accent of the black cab driver who told me where to go, however was so strong that he had to spell the station´s name for me. Everyone spoke similar to the characters of a Tarantino movie. When I arrived at the designated station I hopped of the train and walked through dark alleys towards the bus station. This suburban area made a gloomy, threatening appearance to me. As it already felt as if I was walking through the Bronx, I put on my headphones blasting Eminem with 8 Mile through my ears – What a wonderful moment. Without getting into a gun fight, I made it to the station, waiting for another four hours until the bus left. Half past midnight we were called to enter the bus. I had a very old woman sitting next to me. She appeared like the witch of the east from the wizzard of Oz. A very old, funny woman with a little beard on her chin, telling me that she was afraid of laptops and all such dangerous items. At 7am in the morning the bus reached it´s destiny in Charlottesville, Virginia. Hopping of I noticed the burning, urgent desire for a toilet. Unfortunately the station was closed and no trees in reach, only town buildings and cameras everywhere. Due to the fact that I didn´t want to make my first public appearance as the German Urinator of Charlottesville, I kept it with all force within in, waiting for Elvi. She, the wife of Leonard Orr, the founder of rebirthing took me to the center in Waynesboro. On the way we fetched Vardha, another German from his hotel (where I finally had the opportunity to use a sanitary device). The ride to Waynesboro was very pleasant, especially after depleting my bladder. We drove through green forests, over several mountains. Nature showed its most beautiful face. The trees shone in all colors, sprinkled from the autumn season and enlightened by a bright shining sun. The conversations in the car were amazing. We went right into business, talking about death and sense of life. After a thirty minute drive we arrived at the place, where we were going to live for the next three weeks, a beautiful wooden house colored in green and white. We entered the entrance hall, from where we could see on the left a table for meetings and food, behind it the kitchen and on the right a big living room with couch, armchair and fire place. The living room was filled with shelves full of spiritual literature and rebirthing information. We walked up the stairs and were asked to pick a room. I received the bigger of the two with a separate bath, as Vardha prefered the other due to its bright coloring. Obviously I had been ok with his choice. I made myself at home. Then we met Paula and Katka, the two women living in the center and being in charge of seminars. Paula is a refreshing woman indeed, ferociously honest without any ill will, but with a lot of strength. Her red hair suits her a lot – as I think of her as a lioness in her own right. She is very bright and has a clear, quick and piercing mind and most importantly she is a great cook. She has been living with Leonard for 25 years, rebirthing people and sharing her wisdom. Katka on the other hand seems to be the counterpole. She is a very soft and hearty woman, that seems to care a lot about the overall atmosphere and everyones wellbeing. I think they are a great combination.

But let´s come back to the story. Downstairs I met Vardha and we decided to go to the local supermarket to check out what they offered and getting to know the place a little. Elvi took us in her car and dropped us at the shopping center. It was awesome. Everything in the market came in huge quantities, a feature that seems typical American to me. After our shopping tour I decided to take a bath. Exhausted from the long ride and little sleep I was happy to take a bath and relax.


Being refreshed I lay down on my bed and passed out almost immediately into deep sleep. A few hours later I got up, went down into the living room and was informed by Katka that we would all meet for dinner I put on sports gear and went running through town, investigating where things were. At six I came back to join for dinner. After dinner Paula told us the house rules. Those were that we should have a bath twice a day for at least 20 minutes, after getting up and before getting to bed, in order to purify our body. Besides we should sit with fire every day, a yogic cleansing technique as well, that calms the mind and may carry one into states of meditation. With that we would breathe every day, doing rebirthing and connected breath and some sort of Karma Yoga, which is doing a little bit in the attitude of selfless service. So far the first day – really wonderful.

The next morning after a wonderful breakfast of mago and cereal we went to Leonard Orr´s house to meet our workshop leader Heike from Germany and help her with some work. Heike lives on Leonard´s property and has been with him most of the time of the rebirthing movement. She is his closest student and a very generous, conscious woman. Vardha, Katka and I helped her putting up new fences at the huge property of Leonard to keep their horses within. As one of them would usually wonder off and many times before had to be looked for and brought back. Vardha and I worked closely together using hammer, spikes, metal fence and wire. After only two and a half hours the four of us had completed the job and we were quite happy with the outcome of our work. I felt like a real cowboy. So then we went back to Waynesboro and the third person in the training had arrived, Ayoumi from Japan. Ayoumi is very kind and friendly and really cute. She has a lot of laughter and her way of saying things is hilarious. Now our group for the coming weeks was complete. We are quite a cool group I have to admit and all get along really well. There is lots of laughter and happiness in the house. Tomorrow the rebirthing training will start with our first session. Obviously I am excited!

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