The human pain

Our wound is the key. And we are all wounded in some way or another. As kids we are very open and natural, but we learn early to shut down our true emotional responses. We learn that there is something wrong with us and create a strong-suit, a belief that becomes our story and rules over our reality. This may be a sentence like: “I am not enough, I am not loved etc.” Again and again we fall into its trap until we learn to confront these dark sides.


Then however we may become something different entirely. No pill, no medication has the power to cure. We might be able to sedate our anger and grief for a while, but it will often end up in depression and burn out. There is really no way around “Me”. We are insane, full of shit and take our suffering so personal. “Why always me?” However once we realize this victim consciousness, the cure is close at hand and we are up for true healing. Emotional pain, not faced in the moment, gets stuck inside the body. As children we can´t face it and then create the pain body as Eckhardt Tolle calls it. This armoring creates unhappiness. The more we reject this part of ourselves, the more we go into reaction, suffer addiction and poor relationships. Distraction with food, sex, masturbation or drugs won´t do. When we turn inwards however and face it, just watching loneliness, pain and anger, it can desolve on its own accord. Thus especially in the atomic age where one mad person can extinct the entire earth, we have to get sane again and look at our shit with awareness. We have to take care of our inner child, sit with it and be kind with ourselves. Stop bitching, stop complaining and let go. As long as we are not in touch with our essential aliveness we feel this strange void inside ourselves and need to add something,more sex, more alcohol, more money, never getting enough. This semmingly infinite hunger can be quenched by realizing we have everything inside and always have been complete. Then all that is left is Peace of mind.

You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at your deepest level. Somewhere within us exists a supreme self which is eternally at peace.” Eckhardt Tolle

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