Joy of living my dream

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It´s been exactly three weeks now since I have come to Berlin. When I arrived I had a lot of worries. I was afraid to feel lonely, not knowing anyone. I was worried if my flat made and I would go along well. There was another big worry adressing my new job. Would I enjoy working in the children´s hospice or would or would it be a chore, would I fit into the team and make friends?

And sure every now and then I miss Würzburg and above all my beautiful friends. But it is a sweet sadness, because it makes me very grateful and aware of the gift of friends I have. A big thanks to life!

Now I can say none of my early fears realy came true. I love Berlin! It is very easy to get to know great people and join social groups.

It has been the right and best decission to come here and live a dream, I had for many years. I am already part of a Meditation and Yoga group (, I have signed up as an actor at a local theatre group, which acts for children travelling around and is even paid – !my first real acting job! (, I am part of the homeless charity program in Wedding (, where we get together twice a week to cook for people who live in the streets of Berlin and bring them not only food, but also clothes and sleeping bags and I´ve been to two great reagge concerts as well.

Further more my best friends are coming by and visit me. Thus all feelings of homesickness are blown away. It is the best remedy indeed. Thanks guys!

What can I say I am happy to arrive and feel very alive. Thanks Berlin!

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