Berlin is for Dreamers

Wow, only one month in Berlin and so much has happened. My work in the children´s hospice is beautiful. The team is loving and supportive and thus a great job is done for the kids we are taking care of. We are able to give them our full attention, affection and support the parents on this difficult journey. It is great to experience generosity first hand as a way of life.

A great event took place last week. Johannes one of my best friends – we lived and worked together in Buenos Aires with street kids for one year – came to visit. He arrived Thursday evening and we went straight to a public lecture with musical interludes. The evening was such a blessing. Meeting each other once more and then having a great time together. The lecture took place in an old brewery in dowtown Berlin, “die alte Kulturbrauerei”. The small room under the roof of that building was packed with people. All seats were taken. Therefore we squeezed ourselves in, right behind the bar. Three women read about different experiences in their life and shared writings as their personal art form. To me, the best was the musical interlude. Alice Rose, a brilliant singer and songwriter from Copenhagen shared her music and heart with the audience. 

When she entered the stage I wasn´t expecting much. She carried a strange looking instrument, some sort of mix between harp and accordion. However once she started to sing I got goosebumps. What a beautiful voice! And what a song: “Berlin is for dreamers”

No doubt we found ourselves in it and I realized once more that I actually realized a dream by moving to Berlin.

After the event we went back to my new home, sat together had a few beer and shared dreams.

Friday after a great and healthy breakfast we went to the DDR Motorcycle museum. They had them all from Schwalbe to Simson to BMW models constructed at the Eisenacher Motorenwerke in East Germany. We enjoyed looking at those old retro bikes and imagines ourselves having our own garage to custom bikes for us and our friends. Who knows? Might this dream come true?

From there we went to an “Act Photo Exhibition” displaying nude people in different postures and sceneries. The exhibition was very small though and not very special. It must have taken us only about 15 minutes to go through the pictures and decide to move on once more.

We left for the Sony World Photo exhibition in the Willy Brandt Haus. There was a special exhibition by an Argentinian Photographer Pablo Ernesto Piovano. He reveals the cruelty committed by Bayer and Monsanto to the common people of Argentinia. For years now they have been spraying poison on the fields of Argentina and thus crippling people and land. The outcomes are cancer already in children, genetic mutations and so forth. No one seems to care. The government does´t do anything about this genocide and neither does Bayer. We all are living on the health of those people. It is horrible and leaves me with sadness and disgust. What has chanced since the Holocaust? Well, maybe we are more sophisticated in our methods of crippling and killing people, but in looking away, not doing anything we are the same. See for yourself:

The rest of the exhibition shows award winners in different photo categories from all over the world and shows beauty too. Still the bad and sad taste of this cruelty displayed by Piovano stays. How come our politicians still don´t address such grievances. It seems it is still all about us and me in the end. Even more I feel anger about our politicians who are even unable to carry out the will of the people and for months have been debating about how to form a new government.

We leave the exhibition in a sad but more aware state.

This evening after coming back and having dinner, we go out. After more than only a few months it is the first time for both of us to stay up all night. In the so called Privatclub they have Cumbia. What a great coincidence to have this music that was such a big part of our life in Argentina now in Berlin when we see each other. We have a wonderful night with South American, Latino Beats and get to Bed at dawn.

On Saturday we join the volunteers for homeless, which provides food, clothes and shelter to them. We prepare food in huge quantities, pack clothes, sleeping bags and mats onto the truck and leave for the night café, our first station. There are already about twenty people waiting for a warm dinner and hot drinks. More are coming and we are busy handing out plates, spoons and food. The tour from Leopold square, to Alexander Platz to Kotbusser Tor is a great experience. It is beautiful to get in contact with those people, learn about their lives and simply share a few brief moments with them and the other volunteers.

We leave around half past ten for a short brake at home before we walk into another night of dance. This time we join the Yaam Winter jam, Reagge, Afro Beats and Dub. It is so awesome that we don´t leave until half past six in the morning. Something we both probably haven´t done for years.

Sunday after breakfast it is time to say good bye, until another time. We leave each other filled with new dreams, knowing that Berlin is indeed for dreamers.


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