Who am I?

One of the most potent questions making me ponder on my life, its purpose and basically my whole believe system is “Who am I”? I mean who am I really, beyond all concepts and projections.

Am I simply an intelligent monkey, who is making money, procreating, building a home and paying his bills?…

“Who am I?”

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An Introduction to Tantric sexuality

Wouldn´t it be great if we could all have exceptionally fulfilling sex lifes? If we had love making sessions lasting for hours, experiencing full body orgasms, bliss and altered states of consciousness. If sex would´t only be another pleasure but a means to create lasting connections of love, rendering states of oneness, If it would still be orgasmic after years of relationship, instead of losing it´s appeal. Not possible?

Yes, Tantra makes it possible.


Most of us, coming from a christian background however, grew up believing that sex is something dirty, closely connected to sin and shame. Holding on to such disempowering believes we are not able tomove into Tantra. We need to see sex as what it is:

A uniquely powerful opportunity to open into love with another being.

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The Spirit Guide – Intuition calling for destiny

Spirit Guides:


In native societies, more precisely those with shamanic backgrounds, like native Americans or Tibetans existed the belief of Spirit guides. It states that every human being has at least one spiritual being assigned to him or her. Such a guide ensures his protege to get the information he needs and meet the people he needs to meet in order to fulfill his destiny. They don´t suggest notes as thoughts or a clear voice in one´s head but through intuition. If a person however is very closed or impure he might not be able to access his intuition and thereby miss out the precious messages of his spirit guide.

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The inner child

The inner child

Your life is not comminmg from your conscious wishes, but from programming and therefore you don´t create it.  95 % of our mind is programmed and worse more than 70% of it is disempowering.  The function of the mind is however to create coherence between your believes and reality. If your believes are disempowering so will be your reality.





When we are small children the rational mind is not yet developed. Therefore we are very vulnerable and experience emotions full on.The child has not learned how to deal with them and goes almost automatically into repression. By doing that it is not only rejecting an emotion but also a part of itself. This part then brakes away from the conscious and as we grow up it gets locked in our pain body as disempowering beliefs who rule our relationships, income etc. The road to suffering and into mediocrity is established.

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You want to be free? – Well , then look at your core issue

Let me ask you a question: “Most of us believe that we have a free will, but is that truly so?” – Day 1 of Breathwork

Science only revealed recently in MRI researches, that six seconds before we can consciously make a choice our subconscious mind already decided for us. Thus we fall victim to our social, religious conditioning, the identity given to us by our parents, cultural training, traumas, etc. . Desires, fears, and impulses, a whole personal believe system keeps us from flowering. This is the reason why we endlessly keep on attracting the same kind of relationships, can´t achieve the economical success we deserve or don´t feel enough love in.

If we are ruled by the subconscious, then we have to unprogram and recondition it to attain liberty.

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Six Day Breathwork Workshop

For the next six coming days I am embarking on a journey of breath and life. Edward and Prema Julia, two amazing teachers are hosting this event of breathwork (known also as Rebirthing). We will cover topics like the core believes we have about ourselves, how they limit our potential and how to erase them using breathwork. We will heal wounds of our inner child, learn more about the chakras, sexuality and how to enhance those areas using breath. Finally we gonna look at what we are beyond thoughts and stories and what our true purpose in life is. Needless to say, I am very excited.

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The dark night of the soul

“The endurance of darkness is the preparation for great light.” – St. John of the cross

There are times when we feel lost, drained and out of contact with the source of life.dark night

A shadow takes the light from our days and it feels like a complete absence of grace. As life is ever changing, we all must phase those periods and find a way to cope with them. No joy is permanent.

Sometimes however struggle and suffering seem endless, feeling like a hand around our neck, choking us. It has been described by great sages such as St. John of the Cross as the dark night of the soul.
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Enthusiasm in Spirituality, Work, Life…

I find the one and foremost thing that makes me follow through, overcome obstacles in life and even enjoying the process while being in it, is enthusiasm. It is this sweet sparkling excitement bubbling up from within.  When this comes up the inner child is in for a play and maybe even a few magic tricks.


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Meditation is a pathway into consciousness. There is a silence within, a tremendous joy and gratitude that is your nature. 

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Body and Soul
Yoga means union. It´s the union of mind, body and soul created through the flow of breathe and the movement of the body.

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